New Holographic Cohiba Bands Arriving

New Holographic Cohiba Bands Arriving

Cuba has a new look for its most famous cigar band.

Cuban Cohibas bearing an upgraded cigar band are making their debut in cigar shops. The upgraded and much larger band features a Behike-style hologram and golden Taino Indian head, placed center stage in the field of black-and-white squares that sit above the word Cohiba. That group of squares has been expanded, from five rows to nine, and a line of extra gold on the top has also been added.

It's a more modern, ornate and beautiful band, built to both sharpen the look of Cohiba and to make it more difficult for counterfeiters to make a copy. Holograms defy conventional copying techniques and are elaborate and expensive.

The band adorned Cohiba Robustos presented to Cigar Aficionado by Habanos S.A. in Cuba during last week's Habanos Festival. Retail shops in Cuba still have stocks of Cohibas bearing the old band. Some retailers, such as those in Mexico and Switzerland, reported having them in stock, while others did not. Expect cigars with this band to appear soon as they make their way through the retail channels.

The bands are going on the Cohiba Clásica line of traditional Cohiba sizes (Esplendido, Robusto, Lancero, Corona Especiales, Panetela, Exquisito and Pirámides Extra) as well as the Cohiba Linea 1492, referred to as the Siglo Series of numbered vitolas, from Cohiba Siglo I to Cohiba Siglo VI.

The cigar band, which is made by Vrijdag Premium Printing in the Netherlands, made its first appearance on the Cohiba Pirámides Extra, a new addition to the Cohiba line that had its market debut in 2012. It then appeared again on the Cohiba Robustos Supremos Edición Limitada 2014.

Cohiba Behike BHK cigars, the first Cuban cigars to be made with the hologram, have been sold since 2010.

Counterfeit Cuban cigars remain a persistent problem in the cigar industry. To keep abreast of the genuine product, visit Cigar Aficionado's Counterfeit Gallery.

"I was given a Cohiba Robusto with the new band from a friend that went on a cruise to Mexico. The cigar has rough visible veins and has an uneven foot. The gold borders of the band did not have a holygram. It is a fake, yet I will still smoke it. " —April 28, 2017 23:01 PM
"Has the Esplendido packaging of the 25 box been updated as well? If so what does that look like? Thanks. " —November 8, 2015 21:43 PM
"I just got back from Cuba a little over a week ago and I was presented with the worst Cohiba counterfeit cigar ever. It was a "Gift" from someone at the resort trying to sell me more for 5 CUC each. It was supposed to be a Cohiba Maduro 5. However, as soon as I inspected the band it was obviously a fake. The words "Habana, Cuba" were literally a mirror image such that it read "abuC, anabaH" but also with the letters reversed. Where the band was glued at the seam nothing lined up, and the squares weren't even the same width. When he approached me again to sell me some, I pointed out that there was something funny with the Cigar Band and he never bothered me again. The real Cohibas I bought (some Siglo IVs and Vs) had perfect bands, where everything lined up and the lettering was correct. Also got some Partagas Lusitanias and Romeo Y Julietas, all from legitimate shops. I do feel bad for the sellers of the fakes. Yes, they are passing off fake Cohibas, which is unforgiveable. But the Cubans earn so little compared to us, everyone has an angle. Whether it be selling hats made from palm fronds, or coconut carvings, all they want to do is to increase their meager standard of living. They make the equivalent of $20 per month, otherwise. However, rather than selling me a fake Cohiba, he would have been better off offering me an authentic lesser brand. I might have bought a few just to help a guy out. " —March 10, 2015 17:14 PM