New Cuban Montecristo Open Brand Ships to Tobacconists Around the World

A much anticipated new version of Cuba's biggest cigar brand has just hit the global market—and we reviewed the entire line.

The Montecristo Open line is just starting to reach cigar stores. Distributor Habanos S.A. (which gave a preview taste of the cigars to a select group of international smokers at this year's Habanos Festival back in February) says the new brand is geared towards connoisseurs, as well as "the new generations who enjoy the pleasures of life outdoors."

Montecristo Open distinguishes itself from the original Montecristo with a secondary green band that reads "Open." It comes in four sizes, two of which (the Eagle and Regata) have never before appeared in the Habanos portfolio.

For the tasting of the line, see the current issue of Cigar Insider.