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New Age Of Safaris

New Age Of Safaris
Photo: Stevie Mann/Abercrombie & Kent Picture Library
A widening world of wildlife experiences and luxury amenities mean safaris are much more than once-in-a-lifetime, bucket list options
Tigers are rare super predators, not just at the top of their local food chain, but dominant in every way. The Bengal tiger, a solitary hunter, fears nothing and considers nothing off limits. Unlike most cats, they are powerful swimmers and have been known to dive into a lake to kill a full-grown crocodile. Their intense eyes are the stuff of classical literature, and few animals are as majestic. They exude raw power, grace and utter confidence with every step, a regal bearing you can’t observe behind the bars of a cage.  To fully appreciate this largest of all great cats, you have to see one in the wild, and for most travelers that means going to India. Suddenly, …
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