Nat Sherman Opens Brooklyn Pop-Up Shop

Nat Sherman International has a long New York City history, but its first appearance in Brooklyn is reinventing the idea of a tobacconist. The company today is opening a three-month, pop-up shop to sell product outside the confines of its 42nd Street Townhouse in Manhattan.

Pop-up shops have become a common sales trend, where retailers collaborate with like-minded brands to feature facings of a guest product. While fashion has led the way on pop-up shops in the last few years, this appears to be the first cigar pop-up to date.

Nat Sherman will feature many products in the displays, including the Top 25-placing Timeless Collection and this year's new blends: 1930 and Sterling.

The pop-up, which is located at 218 Conover Street in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, is a collaboration with chocolate factory Cacao Prieto Apothecary, maker of cacao-based liqueurs and rums, as well as artisan chocolate. Nat Sherman is also sharing the space with Widow Jane Whiskey, distilled in the Redhook neighborhood of Brooklyn.

An additional collaboration: executive director of brand and retail management Michael Herklots has also helped to curate a cocktail pairings list at Botanica, an adjacent cocktail bar with an outdoor smoking area.

The shop will remain through October. Official hours have not been finalized, but at the moment the shop will be open Tuesday through Sunday from noon to 10 p.m.