My Favorite Cigar

Cigar aficionados describe their smoke of choice
| By CA Editors | From Gambling Guide, May/June 2022
My Favorite Cigar
Charles Barkley • Basketball Legend • Padrón Serie 1926 No. 1 Maduro Sports fans see Charles Barkley on television all the time, his comfortable criticism and immeasurable charm making him a fan favorite, whether he’s analyzing NBA games, joshing with fellow host Shaquille O’Neal or even giving crap to football legend Tom Brady. The 59-year-old learned how to speak his mind early on in his storied NBA career. “It doesn’t matter what you say—half the people are going to like it and half the people are going to dislike it,” he says. He was dynamite on the NBA court, first with the Philadelphia 76ers, then with the Phoenix Suns (whom he took all the way to the NBA …
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