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Multi-Task Scissors from Xikar

Cigar Toys

If you've been shopping for cigar accessories, you've probably noticed the trend towards multi-use accessories. No longer must a cigar smoker fumble for lighter and cutter when a growing number of lighters have guillotine cutters or punches attached, plus there are golf accessories, Swiss Army knives, and a slew of portable cigar items all aiming to a smoker's life more convenient. The Xikar Xi-MTX, which stands for Multi-Tasking Tool, is one of the latest.

Designed in Italy, the Xi-MTX combines style and quality with functionality and efficiency. It also combines a variety of tools that a cigar smoker will find useful. Along with a pair of cigar scissors, which cuts cigars with up to a 54 ring gauge, the Xi-MTX has a knife blade, bottle opener, mini-screwdriver and pick. The Xi-MTX also incorporates portability, folding away to easily fit in your pocket or briefcase. And it looks cool, to boot.

The Xikar Xi-MTX retails for $39 and will debut at this year's Retail Tobacco Dealers of America trade show in Las Vegas. For more information, call Xikar at 888-266-1193.