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Montecristos Now in a Can

Remember when Habanos S.A. released a can of 50 Cohiba Mini cigarillos at the beginning of the year? They've followed suit by putting Montecristo Clubs in cans as well. The decorative, limited-edition tins hold 50 Montecristo Clubs, cigarillo-size smokes that are less than four inches long with a tiny 8 ring gauge, slightly larger than Cohiba Minis.

The Montecristo Club cigarillos, which are made by machine, are normally packaged in flip-top cartons of 20 cigars.

The canned version of Montecristo Clubs is available in markets where cigarillos and small cigars are popular. Prices vary from country to country, but one can expect to pay 40 Euros in Italy (about $50), which should be a prime market for this release.

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