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Montecristo Aids Impoverished Honduras

The Montecristo Relief Organization announced it has donated funds to the Wheelchair Foundation, a nonprofit group that will use the funds to purchase 110 new wheelchairs for victims in Honduras whose lives have been disrupted by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

Altadis U.S.A. Inc., the maker of the Dominican Montecristo and a host of other premium cigar brands, established the Montecristo Relief Organization in 1999 after Hurricanes Mitch and Georges ripped through Central America and the Caribbean. Mitch killed more than 19,000, most of them in Honduras, and Georges was responsible for more than 600 deaths, most of them in the Dominican Republic. The storms left millions without homes or a means to support themselves.

Since then, the organization has donated millions of dollars to various nonprofits under the mission of bringing renewed hope to victims whose lives have been devastated by hurricanes and other natural disasters.

To donate, call 800-210-2783 or visit

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