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Montblanc StarWalker Pens

Just sign your name in the space below."You reach into your suit jacket and bare your new Montblanc StarWalker pen. You unscrew the cap and sign with such gusto that the document squeals at the final stroke. Your new partners are suddenly at ease. Perhaps it was your professional poise? Or perhaps it was the strikingly cool writing instrument that's left the right impression. Sometimes you ask a pen to do much more than just write.

The StarWalker collection is the latest in a line of fine writing instruments to come out of Montblanc in the 98-year history of the luxury goods company. These smart pens, designed with a younger power broker in mind, were worth the wait. The StarWalker comes in two chic designs—a sleek, all-black resin pen or a grip-friendly black rubber pen with a metal-checkered pattern configured throughout the body. Both models feature platinum-plated brass fittings, such as on the clip ring. And the company's signature snowcap logo is captured floating in permanent suspension within a transparent resin dome on the cap of every pen.

The StarWalker collection—ranging in price from $235 up to $410—is available in ballpoint, fine liner (which has a shock absorbent tip) and fountain pen, and as a mechanical pencil as well. The motif of the new line, according to Montblanc, was aimed at the younger, up-and-coming power players in the world. Twist off the cap, screw it onto the bottom of the pen, and you're ready to write. The StarWalker provides its owner with a smooth script stroke. Though the old-school fountain pen takes some getting used to, when mastered it can make even the most illegible chicken-scratch appear John Hancock—ian. It will also make the act of writing more stylish. Whether you're acquiring part of a rival company, refinancing the mortgage on your summer home, or finalizing a divorce, with a StarWalker, you'll sign with a flourish.

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