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Minneapolis to Mull Tobacco Shop Smoking

Lawmakers in Minneapolis have been asked to consider a proposal that would, if passed, prohibit customers from smoking in any of the city's tobacco shops.

According to a report, the amendment proposal is meant to close a legal loophole and combat businesses that are applying for tobacco-only licenses but are not necessarily cigar retailers; city licensing manager Grant Wilson told Fox 9 this type of action goes against the spirit of Minnesota's Clean Indoor Air Act.

The Cigar Rights of America has called upon its members to sign a petition that fights the proposal, and there will be a hearing on the proposed ordinance on November 29.

To sign the petition, go to

"Anyone interested in commenting on this issue should also pay a visit to Meg Tuthill's website. She's the 10th ward rep pushing the proposal. I've been told by my local B&M that this will put them out of business. I've signed the petition." —November 11, 2010 09:01 AM
"I regularly go to my local shop, Burn Cigars, in Burnsville. I have been spreading the word on this petition as much as possible. and I ask that even if you don't live in Minnesota, please sign the petition so that i have somewhere to smoke in these below 0 degree winters" —November 11, 2010 01:30 AM