Mini Lighters
Photo/Jeff Harris

Like artists and sculptors who make smaller replicas of their larger works, a few lighter companies have miniaturized some of their classic models and done so with careful consideration to scale, character and operability.

One particularly impressive study in proportion is S.T. Dupont's Line-8. It's a smaller, more compact version of the celebrated Line-2, but faithful to the defining details that made its older sibling so legendary in the world of lighters. Despite its smaller scale, it has the weight and solid feel of a lighter twice its size. The Line-8 produces a natural flame and is offered in eight finishes ranging from subdued shades of blue and black to brushed metal. The lighters shown here—a regal shield on black lacquer (atop the ashtray, $440), or a simply sanguine Red (third from left, $440)—are a dignified balance between classic and modern design.

Siglo Accessory has created an art deco period piece of sorts with its Retro II Streamliner (far right, $114). While Siglo's much larger Mega Streamliner sits imposingly on a tabletop, the far quainter Retro II fits in the palm of your hand and is a perfectly petit rendition of its big brother. It also does a very convincing job of imitating the art deco lighters of the 1930s, that is, until you ignite it. A click of the push-button conjures a jet flame that blossoms into a floral pattern before shooting out at an angle. If the gun-metal look shown here is too industrial, consider one of the Retro II's eight other colors.

Xikar has also reduced its behemoth tabletop Allume lighter to a more manageable size. The Allume Single (second from right, $59.99) is the most playful lighter in this lineup, coming in a rainbow of cheerful colors. Crush (shown here) is just the beginning as the spectrum ranges from Riot, Citrus and Neon, to Reef, Electric and Imperial. The lighter is backed by a lifetime warranty, so you can play a little rough with it.

Brizard & Co. has made its mark in the industry by marrying exotic woods to fine accessories. The Nano (second from left, $59) is the smallest lighter that Brizard has ever produced. It is not necessarily a reduction of a larger pattern, but a fine example of how distinct woods can still have plenty of expressive character even on the micro scale. This torch lighter can be outfitted with Brizard's entire range of woods and leathers, including the Carpathian Burl shown above.

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