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Michigan Bar Owners Organize to Fight Ban

Bar owners in Michigan, fed up with a recently enacted smoking ban they claim is hurting business, have formed a group and are taking steps to fight, and hopefully reverse, the legislation.

According to The Detroit News, the group, called Protect Private Property Rights in Michigan-Amend Michigan Smoking Ban, has about 3,000 members. It plans to register as an official nonprofit and also hire a lobbyist to help fight the smoking ban.

"Small independent bars are really suffering. Some say they are being forced to close their doors," said Lance Binoniemi, executive director of the Michigan Licensed Beverage Association, in The Detroit News report.

The Michigan smoking ban targets establishments that serve food and drink only. Cigar bars, tobacco shops and casinos are exempt.


"They should simply become a cigar bar then, seems the easier route! :-)" —September 30, 2010 15:22 PM