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Michael Jordan Stars In “The Last Dance”

Apr 19, 2020 | By David Savona
Michael Jordan Stars In “The Last Dance”
Photo/David Yellen

Tonight the long-awaited Michael Jordan documentary “The Last Dance” debuts on ESPN. The ten-part-series, more than 20 years in the making, follows Jordan and his Chicago Bulls during their 1997-98 championship season.

Episodes one and two will be shown tonight, starting at 9 pm eastern standard time, with two new episodes coming out each Sunday, culminating on May 17. For those outside the United States, the show will be available on Netflix.

In 2017, Jordan sat down with Cigar Aficionado’s editor & publisher Marvin R. Shanken for an exclusive interview and video shoot. During the conversation, Shanken mentioned the documentary.

“Let me ask you about a film project,” asked Shanken. “What is this eight- or 10-part documentary?”

“You’re very knowledgeable about things you’re not supposed to be knowledgeable about,” Jordan replied with a laugh. “Our last year [with the Bulls] in 1998, we had a camera crew following us for the whole time, to capture the last dance. Because everybody felt the team was going to be dismantled. And what you will see in that footage is my dedication to the game of basketball. Unwavering dedication, day in and day out. And being the leader of the team, I hold everyone else accountable for the success. They’re going to get an honest understanding for what winning is about. What leadership is about.”

Shanken: Is the documentary finished?
Jordan: No.

Shanken: Have you seen a lot of it?
Jordan: Yeah, I’ve seen it.

Shanken: So it’s been through an editing process.
Jordan: No, it has not gone through a true editing process. My agent and my people who have been working with me, have been pushing for me to do it. I have no problems with people seeing it, as long as they understand the passion, because it’s a strong passion and it’s very raw.

Shanken: I think it’s a wonderful way to go public and share with people just what you were like.
Jordan: If you love something, and your agenda is to win, it’s a certain price you have to pay.

To read the entire interview between Shanken and Jordan, click here.

Click here for videos from the interview.

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