Max Benjamin Mini Cigar Bar

Here's the rub: you are not allowed to take your vacation in your cigar bar and you cannot ship your cigar bar to your holiday destination. What to do? Max Benjamin offers a more portable summer solution in the Mini Cigar Bar.

Built for the traveling aficionado, the Mini Cigar Bar ($295) comes in the form of a compact messenger bag that has no interest in carrying papers or files. Instead, it's equipped with just about everything you need to have a cigar-lovers picnic, from well-kept cigars to a single—malt Scotch on the rocks. Leather chair and barmaid not included.

Crafted in soft yet sturdy deerskin leather, the Mini is quite resistant to the scratches and dings that come with any journey. Its exterior features metal detailing, locking clasps and three secure pockets on the front for any other little accessories you may need. The cushioned interior will protect precious cargo and is partitioned into three sections large enough to fit three bottles of your favorite spirit. The stain-resistant vinyl lining sports adjustable dividers that can accommodate most normal-sized bottles, but don't try to squeeze in a handle's worth (1.75 liters) of your favorite brown libation.

If it's a light day and you're only toting one bottle, take advantage of the Mini's host of accoutrements to fill the other two slots. A quartet set of acrylic tumblers is included, along with a torch flame lighter, a cylindrical cedar-lined travel humidor with a seven- to nine-cigar capacity, and another cylindrical container, made in micro-fiber, that is insulated and zippered-closed to keep ice cubes cool for a reported four hours without leakage. When it's time to get moving, there's a handy Velcro flap on the back, which can be used to fasten the bag to a golf cart or to the top of a piece of roller luggage. If you want to bring the leather chair and the barmaid, you are on your own.