Mavros Ashtrays
Photo/Jeff Harris

Most cigar ashtrays are rather simple things. There’s no shortage of squares, circles and ovals made from various materials that can gather your ashes. But if you want to take a walk on the wild side—ashtray-wise and zoologically—then consider the works of cigar-smoking silversmith Patrick Mavros, who takes inspiration from the animals of his native Zimbabwe. His repertoire includes five quite distinctive ashtrays, each done in sterling silver. The crocodile and monkey ashtray (pictured, £1,295, or about $1,500) depicts two of Africa’s most famous wild animals. A crocodile, tail coiled, serves as a seat for an unperturbed monkey, whose head in turn supports a silver platter, meant to hold a cigar.  Adding to the monkey’s charm (and remarkable sense of calm considering its riding atop one of the world’s most deadly creatures) is that it is smoking an 18-karat gold cigar. The ashtray stands 2 1/2 inches tall, and 5 1/2 inches wide at its fattest points.

Mavros makes ashtrays, cuff links, belt buckles, studs, jewelry and many other silver items in Zimbabwe on Mpata Farm. The 1,500-acre compound serves as a wildlife sanctuary and apparently as an inspiration to Mavros. His other larger models feature elephants, camels and lions, and are priced accordingly. While these pieces mightn’t be for everybody, they’ll certainly put some wildlife in your smoking room.