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Maryland Cigar Tax Bill Likely Dead

A bill that would have raised the cigar tax in Maryland to 95 percent of the wholesale price appears to be dead after a Senate committee voted to mark the bill as unfavorable.

Senate Bill 654 called for Maryland's other tobacco products tax, which includes cigars, moist snuff, and roll-your-own tobacco, to be raised from 15 to 95 percent (not to exceed $3 per cigar), an increase of 533 percent. The bill also called for an increase in the tax on cigarettes and little cigars.

On Monday the Senate Budget and Taxation Committee voted 12-1 to label the bill as unfavorable, meaning it will be seen on the chamber calendar under the heading "Unfavorable Reports" and will most likely be rejected.

"This is great news for not only Maryland residents but those of us who are on the MD/PA border and do cigar shopping there too!" —March 25, 2011 21:22 PM
"A win is a win! " —March 25, 2011 00:14 AM
"Good!" —March 24, 2011 17:04 PM