Maritime-Themed Camacho Sets Sail For Retailers This Week

Maritime-Themed Camacho Sets Sail For Retailers This Week

The first installment of Camacho's Brotherhood series, the limited-edition Camacho Shellback, is expected to ship nationwide on October 9. The cigar, which comes in one size only—a 6 inch by 50 ring gauge Toro—pays homage to an age-old mariner's ritual.

"Shellback is the designation given to mariners once they have ‘crossed the line' of the equator on a naval ship," said Dylan Austin, director of marketing at Camacho. "They are given this designation after a wild and crazy initiation ceremony. The date, vessel name and longitude of where they crossed are usually glorified as tattoos worn by many Shellbacks."

The camaraderie of the Shellbacks inspired Camacho to name the new cigar in their honor, linking this fraternal bond to that of the brotherhood of cigar smokers.

"The [Brotherhood] Series will have fresh new concepts each year, all of them honoring a specific ‘Brotherhood' that we feel best reflects the ‘Live Loud' world of Camacho."

Previous limited editions, such as the Double Shock and Scorpion, were not part of the Brotherhood series.

Camacho Shellback

The Shellback blend consists of a Nicaraguan Corojo binder, Nicaraguan filler and an Ecuadoran Habano wrapper. The decision to move away from Camacho's traditional Honduran blends was inspired by the adventurous nature of the cigar's namesake.

"We like to stay anchored to our Honduran roots," said Austin, "but with this particular project we decided to reach for these high-grade Nicaraguan tobaccos." However, the cigars are still produced at the AgroIndustrias Laepe S.A. factory in Honduras.

Shellbacks come in boxes of twenty, with a suggested retail price of $12 each. Only 4,000 boxes will be released.

This article first appeared in the October 6, 2015 issue of Cigar Insider.

" My name is Jim Panlener, I am a cigar smoker [about 2 years now] & I am a Aficionado subscriber. LOVE the publication! I am also a US Marine/NietNam Veteran & was hoping to convince you to produce a "US Marine/VietNam Veteran" BROTHERHOOD Series CIGAR!!! I know that MANY of my MARINE BROTHER'S are cigar smokers! Thank You Jim Panlener " —October 7, 2015 17:41 PM