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Mammoth Ivory cigar cutter

The same precious bone coveted by your prehistoric ancestors to slay saber-toothed tigers, carve meat and fend off enemies is now the mark of a refined gentleman employed in the pursuit of cigar smoking with Xikar's new Mammoth Ivory cigar cutter and knife gift set.

Xikar, maker of the popular and revolutionary Xi-3 guillotine cutter, is taking ancient, fossilized ivory from the great tusks of prehistoric woolly mammoths, which fell about 10,000 years ago in the Siberian and Alaskan soil, and handcrafting it into handles for its stainless steel blades. The handles are then detailed with "cave art" images by a master artisan based in Kentucky who specializes in scrimshaw -- the art of engraving begun by American whalers, usually with baleen or whale ivory.

The mammoth ivory is a multi-shaded brown, which is referred to as "bark" because of its coarse texture and tree bark-like appearance.

The Mammoth Ivory gift sets scrimshawed with cave art images are limited to 250 sets and retail for $600 per set. (Xikar will make considerably more units without the scrimshaw at a price to be determined.) Each set includes a Xikar Xi-3 cigar cutter and a 2 3/4 inch (closed) Xikar Elán Xi-118 gentlemen's pocketknife. Both items are lightweight and designed to fit comfortably into a pants pocket. Available at finer tobacconists.

For more information, call Xikar at 1-888-266-1193.