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Maker's Mark Posts Early Alerts on Facebook

Strong demand for its new Maker's 46 has prompted Maker's Mark Bourbon to provide news of its new orders and where they are headed as the bottles depart the Loretto, Kentucky, distillery.

The first new product from Maker's Mark in 52 years has fomented high demand, its initial release this summer having already been bought up. A second release, which began September 1, has been pre-sold. Inundated with requests for the locations where "46" can be purchased, the company has decided to use its Facebook page as an early warning system.

A typical such message (posted September 15) read: "Maker's 46 trucks are on the move. From Indiana to Kansas to Northern and Southern California. A reason to celebrate even if you're not in Kentucky for the Bourbon Festival!"

The new product is the result of a special finish to the usual Maker's Mark. Maker's 46 is treated to an extra several months of aging with staves normally used for wine making dipped into the barrel.

In other news, a co-creator of “46”, the master distiller Kevin Smith, is leaving Maker’s Mark for a position with Jim Beam, the Bourbon’s parent company. Smith will be succeeded by Greg Davis. Victoria MacRae-Samuels (the wife of a distant cousin of President Bill Samuels, Jr.) is being promoted to vice president operations.

Watch a video and read more about the new Maker's 46 Bourbon expression.

" a glass of 46 & and a fine cigar, there is no better way to go !! " —November 17, 2010 15:57 PM