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Make Scents of Cigars

It's easy to be skeptical about the variety of flavors described in tasting notes -- hints of this, traces of that -- but the more you smoke and the more you become aware of a cigar's complexity, the more you will appreciate and enjoy your smoking experience.

Of course, training your palate to recognize and differentiate between the more subtle aspects of a cigar doesn't happen overnight. Ask experienced cigar smokers or tasters and they'll tell you that developing a keen palate takes time and patience. Ask Credo folks the same question and they'll tell you that you need "Make Scents of Cigars."

A collection of aromas intended to help cigar smokers distinguish flavors, Make Scents claims that its genius lies in its simplicity. And it is simple; each package contains six scent flasks -- caramel, leather, oak moss, musk, pepper and damp earth -- and a small booklet explaining each scent and how it figures into a cigar. These six aromas are only a fraction of the flavors found in cigars, however, and not necessarily the most prevalent ones. Nevertheless, this is an educational, fun product for novice smokers seeking to broaden their palate.

"Make Scents of Cigars" has a suggested retail price of $20. For more information, call 800-22-CIGAR.

Photo by Lynn Berry