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Maine Metal

Maine Metal has nothing to do with a burgeoning heavy metal music scene in New England's northernmost state. Master metal fabricator Robert Peaslee is bringing his imaginative skills to the cigar world with a unique line of ashtrays from his Maine Metal Art studio.

Inspired by materials commonly found in an auto shop, Peaslee creates objects that are both practical and artistic. Using themes such as aviation and motorcycling, he adorns his ashtrays -- as well as clocks, candleholders and cribbage boards -- with nuts, bolts, sprockets and chains. The stainless steel and aluminum pieces are smooth, polished and sleek cradles for your smokes. The ashtrays are heavy, weighing between 2 1/4 and 8 1/2 pounds.

The dishes in the ashtrays are a little shallow and small, so you won't be putting an original Peaslee out on the table for your cigar buddies on poker night, but the elegant appearance and automotive detailing would make them quite suitable for an office desk or mechanics workshop.

The Maine Metal Art ashtrays have a retail price of $65 to $300 and can be purchased from the company web site; there's a shipping charge of $7.50.

Call 207-568-3529 for more information.