Cigar Aficionado

M-Stick Lighter

As we grow increasingly technologically advanced, keeping up with all that high-tech makes it difficult to travel light. The average burden of keys and wallet have been joined by the cell phone, the iPod and, for many, the computer memory stick. In the aficionado's case, these implements are dueling for space with a lighter, cutter and case of cigars. Colibri doesn't have all the answers yet, but is whittling away at some of the mounting pocket clutter with the M-stick lighter.

The M-stick combines a cigar lighter with a flash memory stick used to hold data from your computer. The lighter has many hallmark Colibri characteristics: sleek exterior, flip-top cap, fuel monitoring window, an electrical ignition switch and a wind-resistant torch flame together with a removable 128-megabyte memory stick. The stick is flat about the length of your thumb and it folds flush with the body of the lighter.

The M-stick lighter has a suggested retail of $125. (A 128-MB memory stick retails for about $40 at computer stores and Colibri lighters start at approximately $40.) The stick is compatible with Windows ME and Mac 8.2. The lighter is compatible with all cigars.