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Linley Stars and Stripes Humidor

Linley Stars and Stripes Humidor

Linley, a British design company that makes some of the world’s most unique humidors, has a line that is ideally suited for America’s most patriotic holiday—the Linley Stars and Stripes Humidor.

The hallmark of the humidor is a lid meant to look like a flag rippling in the wind, with supple, elegant curves. Marquetry inlays of sycamore, satin walnut and Santos rosewood depict the American flag. The use of marquetry “is as close as you can get to painting in wood,” as the company says. The humidors have interiors of Spanish cedar, solid walnut lippings and a star lining the keyhole. The piece can hold up to 50 cigars.

The Stars and Stripes Humidor is one in a series of humidors depicting flags of the world. There’s also humidors made to look like the flags of Cuba, China, Russia and Qatar, as well as a rendition of the Union Flag of Linley’s British home.

The humidors are exquisite, but far from cheap—the Stars and Stripes humidor retails for £4,750 (about $7,500), and the high-gloss model is £7,000 ($11,000).

Linley is a 27-year-old company founded by David Linley. Among its more creative humidors are ones designed like Cuba’s El Laguito and Partagás Cigar Factories.

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