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Limited Edition Vegas Collection Humidor

If you spend a lot of time in the casino but don't like gambling on your humidor, the Elie Bleu limited-edition Vegas Collection humidor may be your ace in the hole.

Shaped like a die, the humidors were originally constructed for and displayed at the 2002 Retail Tobacco Dealers of America show in Las Vegas. They are fashioned from dyed marble sycamore veneer with a Spanish cedar interior; the dots of the die are mother-of-pearl imported from Tahiti. All the fixtures, including the lock and key, are silver plated. Each humidor, which was made in France, took six months to create.

"Gambling and cigars have always gone together," said Laurent Fuchs, general manager and chief executive officer of Elie Bleu. "When people play poker and gamble, they smoke." So if you happen to win a hand at poker or avoid snake eyes at the craps table, what better way to commemorate your victory then to serve your friends a smoke from a jumbo die and say, "You know how I got this humidor…"

Elie Bleu has made 50 of the Vegas Collection humidors, each of which retails for about $2,700. For more information on where you can purchase Elie Bleu humidors and the Vegas Collection humidor, call Elie Bleu at 011 33 148 996-464.