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Limited-Edition Andy Warhol Lighters

The producer of mass-produced fine art, Andy Warhol, is now being reproduced in a limited-edition platinum lighter and pen collection by S.T. Dupont called the Andy Warhol Limited Edition Series.

Warhol gained fame in the 1960s using a screen-printing style of art, which mimicked commercial mass production techniques, to depict images of celebrities, such as Elvis Presley, and everyday objects, such as his famous take on a Campbell's Soup can. His works are part of what has come to be known as Pop Art.

S.T. Dupont selected three of his famous works for the series. The Andy Warhol 1986 lighter displays a black and yellow replica, in Chinese lacquer, of Warhol's 1986 self-portrait; the Elvis Presley 1964 lighter features dual young Elvises dressed in cowboy gear; the Marilyn Monroe lighter (which is not currently available in the United States) has a multicolored print portrait of Marilyn Monroe.

Also included on each lighter and pen is a replica of Warhol's signature along with a famous quote by the artist: "In the future everybody will be world famous for 15 minutes."

The Andy Warhol Limited Edition Series consists of three Line 2 lighters ($875 apiece), two miniOlympio pens ($540), two ballpoint pens ($610) and two Olympio fountain pens ($775). The Elvis and Marilyn lighters are numbered 1 to 1964 in reference to the year in which Warhol created the images. Likewise, the Andy Warhol lighters are numbered 1 to 1986.

The collection is available at fine tobacconists and better gentlemen's stores. Items can be sold separately. For more information, call S.T. Dupont at 800-341-7003.