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Liebherr XS 200 Cigar Refrigerator

What do tower cranes and temperature-controlled cigar humidors have in common? In the case of those manufactured by the Liebherr Group, they share the attributes of high efficiency and industrial strength but on a smaller scale.

The crane was one of the first products the company made at its inception, just after the Second World War. Since then Liebherr has become important in refrigeration and has now applied the same standards to the Liebherr XS 200, a locker-style cigar humidor, which maintains relative humidity from 68 to 75 percent and temperature from 60 to 68 degrees F.

Its functionality is simple. All you have to do is fill the front-loaded, integrated water tank with a liter of distilled water, dial in the desired temperature and humidity on the digital display and Liebherr’s Magic Eye control system takes over the operation from there. Its sensors will regulate the temperature and water requirement for the specified humidity. When the tank is low, an alarm sounds. Thick, reinforced walls keep the unit well insulated and the temperature constant.

Inside, Liebherr maximizes the unit’s 1.4 cubic feet of usable space with two removable drawers for loose cigars and two removable shelves for boxes. If you prefer to use the XS 200 primarily for box storage, the drawers can be easily pulled out and the shelves reconfigured in favor of more open space.

The unit itself measures a little more than 24 inches high by 16 inches wide by 18 inches deep—an unobtrusive footprint even in small quarters—and the subtly brushed, stainless-steel finish can coexist handsomely in either modern or classic décors.

Most cigar smokers know the importance of keeping a temperature-controlled environment for their puros in addition to controlling their humidity. One beetle outbreak is usually a traumatizing enough lesson. Go above 70 degrees and incubating beetle eggs within your cigars will hatch into an army of voracious tobacco-eating machines. They will devour your entire inventory from within. They will not stop. The XS 200 cannot bring back beetle ravaged cigars—nothing can—but at the very least, it can prevent these outbreaks and ensure that such tragic destruction never happens again.


"Where are you getting 60 cigars? I have over 200 in mine!" —February 26, 2017 17:09 PM
"A nice wine fridge is just $200 and will work similarly. " —April 2, 2012 14:42 PM
"Looks great and the matching wine fridge is a nice plus too but for $2,5000 and only holding 60 cigars I think I'll pass" —February 23, 2011 13:13 PM