Cigar Aficionado

Liberty 2006 Series

For patriotic smoking enthusiasts, Camacho Cigars has released its limited-edition 2006 Liberty Series. The cigar is made with a Cameroon wrapper, but according to Camacho, what makes the Liberty special is its filler tobacco. Mixed with modern-day leaf is some 44-year-old, pre-embargo Pele de Oro Cuban filler tobacco left over from the old DWG Cigar Co. in Lima, Ohio.

The Liberty Series blend changes every year. Creator Julio Eiroa, Camacho's patriarch, was reluctant to talk about any more of the cigar's components. Christian Eiroa, Julio's son and president of Camacho Cigars, said the 2006 version is "a little milder than usual because of the Cameroon wrapper."

Camacho produced 2,000 chests, totaling 40,000 cigars. They retail for $14 each, or $280 per chest.