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It is all fairways and greens with the LeRoy Neiman Golf from S.T. Dupont—an idyllic pen and lighter set with no stomping, no yelling or tantrum throwing. A slice always straightens itself, form is never less than perfect, and no one clicks a camera during a backswing.

When the lighter lid is flicked open, a metallic ping echoes like the reverberations of a drive hit from the sweet spot. The lighters' faces and the pens' caps display a signature replication of an original Neiman etching of a golfer in full follow-through. Three shades band each piece, recalling the grass color on the tee, fairway and green—no rough, water hazards or sand traps represented here.

Like many of Neiman's works depicting famed sports heroes, celebrities, world-class events or jet-setters mingling in casinos and posh cafÈs, the images featured on these limited-edition pieces are an ideal moment freeze-framed. As these are works of art, as opposed to mere accessories, it would not be out of line to keep the platinum-plated implements at home, in your smoking lounge or on your desk. Thumbing the lighter in your chair, cigar in hand, you can remind yourself after a day on the links of how the game looks at its best, if your own game fails to compare with the picturebook images created on these tools.

The LeRoy Neiman Golf collection consists of the Line 2 lighter ($1,130), Gatsby lighter ($1,050), Orpheo roller ball pen ($915), Orpheo fountain pen ($1,050) and the Jeroboam table lighter. The five-piece collector's set retails for $7,145 and comes with an autographed copy of Neiman's book Big Time Golf. All are sold separately as well, with the exception of the Jeroboam table lighter, which is sold only in the collector's set. Items can be purchased at fine tobacconists and better gentlemen's stores exclusively in the United States.

Call 800-341-7003.