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Leccia Smoke Has Wrestling Theme

Longtime professional wrestling fan and cigarmaker Sam Leccia has named his newest cigar after the famed masked wrestlers of Mexico. Luchador, which is available now, is made from a five-country blend of tobaccos, including a wrapper leaf from Mexico’s San Andrés Valley.

“Luchador is Spanish for fighter,” Lecccia told Cigar Aficionado during a smoky meeting in New York. While a luchador doesn’t have to wear a mask in the ring, Leccia explained, most chose to do so, making the name synonymous with wrestlers who wearcolorful masks. 

The tri-colored Luchador cigar band looks like the masks worn by such wrestlers. As with a traditional luchador, who would incorporate elements of his background into his mask, Leccia used elements near and dear to him to craft his own logo. There are green tobacco leaves for his love of cigars and his profession, sparks harkening to his days in the Navy, as a radioman, and a pair of ornate “Ls” facing one another for his last name. The colors of red, white and green are reminiscent of those in the Mexican flag.

Leccia even went so far as to have his own mask crafted with those same elements.

The Luchador brand comes in four sizes: El Hombre (5 inches long by 54 ring), El  Castigo (6 by 60), El Guapo (6 by 50) and Loco Perfecto (6 by 58). All sizes, save for the perfecto, have pigtail tips. The cigars are packed 21 to the box, and have suggested retail prices of $7.30 to $8.30 per cigar. 

The cigars launched on Cinco de Mayo, and are available now.