Le Grand S.T. Dupont
Photo/Jeff Harris

You’ve gone out for a day of leisure, provisioned with a few well-chosen cigars. When the wind picks up on the golf course, you need a torch lighter to ignite your smoke. But later, at the cigar bar, you find such pyrotechnics to be overkill. Different smoking conditions call for different lighters. Sometimes you want the gentle touch of a soft-flame lighter. At others, a powerful torch is the only answer. Roving smokers have the option of toting two lighters or compromising with one flame that is right only half the time. Or, with the Le Grand S.T. Dupont, they can arm themselves with a device that packs both flames and always provides the perfect toast to the tobacco.

Flick the cylindrical roller of the Le Grand and twin soft flames spring to life. Positioned side-by-side, they ensure maximum coverage for lighting even the thickest of cigars. When you push the roller up, the soft flames extinguish and the lighter switches gears to deliver a towering blue torch. Even with its dual functions, the Le Grand remains compact enough—at 2.59 inches high by 1.54 inches long by 0.55 inches wide—for pocket storage. Slightly larger than the company’s signature Ligne 2 lighter, Le Grand is crafted with the same eye-catching rectangular shape, flip-top lid and flint-spark ignition.

Once the soft flames are burning, you can switch to torch flame or toggle back and forth. In soft mode, the rabbit-ear flames offer wide coverage, gently lighting without scorching the leaves. If needed, the high-temperature torch flame can target and touch up troublesome uneven burns with pinpoint accuracy. As with all proper cigar lighters, both flames are fueled by butane.

Made in France, Le Grand S.T. Dupont has a solid brass core and is available in five finishes: Brushed Palladium ($1,064, pictured), Palladium ($1,295), Black Lacquer and Palladium ($1,495), Blue Sunburst Lacquer and Palladium ($1,586), and Sunburst Brown Lacquer and Gold ($1,695).

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