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Las Vegas Big Smoke Weekend Seminars Sell Out

The headline says it all.

Tickets to the daytime seminar portion of the Las Vegas Big Smoke Weekend have sold out.

So while you can no longer get a ticket for educational seminars such as Top 25 cigars, Cognac Connection or An Insider's View of Cuba Today, the Big Smoke Evening cigar sessions still have open spots for both Friday and Saturday.

A ticket to the Big Smoke Evening party, which takes place in one of the Venetian's grand ballrooms, will give you the chance to collect choice cigars from more than 25 premium cigar companies that will be in attendance. You will also be able to drink some of the world's finest spirits and sample food catered by some of Las Vegas' best restaurants.

Fine cigars, fine drink and fine food. What more can you say, other than "Are you going?"

To order tickets to the Las Vegas Big Smoke evenings, click here.

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"Have had mine and my hotel reservations for months... can't wait to attend again. Any chance to get the list of exhibitors? I always forget what beverages I try, would like to know which ones are there. Thanks" —October 14, 2011 22:04 PM
"I've got mine! My son and I can't wait for a weekend in Vegas." —September 26, 2011 22:33 PM
"I got mind, do you have your? Just can't wait...." —September 25, 2011 11:52 AM