Larry Palombo Joins Nicaraguan Cigar Factory

Larry Palombo Joins Nicaraguan Cigar Factory
Photo/Camilla Sjodin

Industry veteran Larry Palombo has left Altadis U.S.A. and will now be blending cigars at Nicaraguan American Cigars S.A. (NACSA), a factory in Nicaragua that's partially owned by the Oliva Tobacco Co.

Palombo, who has been in the tobacco industry for 44 years, was formerly vice president of tobacco for Altadis and responsible for its tobacco procurement. In the final year of employment with Altadis, he was moved to more of an ambassador role, where he gave tobacco tours as well as cigar seminars for the company.

Now that his contractual agreement for ambassadorship has expired, Palombo has taken a position with NACSA. He'll be working closely with Oliva Tobacco, the growing firm that supplies a large amount of tobacco to the premium cigar industry. But Palombo won't be procuring any tobacco—he'll be blending it. His primary responsibilities entail reblending and revitalizing some of NACSA's obscure, trademarked cigars—such as Red Dot, Villar y Villar, La Rosa Especial and Aristoff—and bringing them to market. Made with Oliva's tobacco, the cigars will be produced in Nicaragua at the NACSA factory (formerly NATSA), which is partly owned by Oliva Tobacco. Once blends are finalized and production runs are complete, Palombo will return to the United States to promote the new brands.

The smokes will be imported to the U.S. through a new Tampa distribution company created especially for these cigars.

The Oliva Tobacco Co. was started by Angel Oliva Sr. in the 1930s, and has no relation to Oliva Cigars.

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"Great article Greg. Just one point of clarification though. The brands Larry will be promoting are NACSA's. Oliva Tobacco Co. does not itself own any cigar brands. " —January 19, 2016 11:59 AM
"Wow that is truly news to me. Excellent reporting Greg. You guys are always first on the scene with cigar intel. I am surprised bloggers haven't poached your story yet but I'm sure it won't be too long. " —January 13, 2016 18:41 PM