Large-Ring-Gauge Cutters

Large-Ring-Gauge Cutters
Photo/Jeff Harris

Stroll into any cigar bar or shop where patrons are enjoying smokes that fall on the plus side of 60 ring gauge, and you're likely walking into a debate. First of all, the popular-selling size category has a naming issue—are they gordos, gigantes, or grandes? (We prefer grandes.) It also pits purists, who argue that ultra-fat cigars buck tradition a little too much, against zealots, who contend they are simply getting the most cigar for their money. But one point we can all agree upon is that snipping the cap off of a fat cigar can be a pain, especially with gear designed for smaller smokes.

Cigar scissors, while elegant, can't effectively do the job, and a punch cutter runs the risk of opening up the draw too much if plunged too far into the cigar's head. Double-guillotine cutters remain the best option, but only versions with apertures that also fall on the plus side of 60 ring gauge. Happily, cigar-tool manufacturers are starting to meet that need.

Colibri's Cut (second from left, $39, is a good option for the enthusiast who has not embraced 60-plus cigars, but merely dabbles. The Cut features a 62-ring-gauge opening, large enough to handle up to a 64-ring parejo, but still fine for regular-sized cigars, too. Scalloped handles encourage the fingers to move closer to the top for more leverage, and the Cut's silicone-coated blades add not only a splash of brilliant color, but also make it easier to wipe off the small tobacco bits that can stick to a cutter.

Moving up the size scale we come to Xikar's M8 (far left, $49.99,, a double-guillotine with a dazzling, polished metal body and a 70-ring-gauge aperture. Available in two attractive finishes, gunmetal (shown) and bead blast, the M8 features a setup that keeps one of its blades stationary, which can help steady the cigar before the quick snip.

Topping the cutter market in mouth width are Lotus's Fury (second from right, $59.95, and Colossus (far right, $34.95). These two behemoths, which sport 76- and 80-ring-gauge maws, respectively, are for the enthusiast who predominantly smokes super-fat cigars. The Fury's angled handles feel nice in the hand while the Colossus's rubberized grips add comfort.

Whether you love or hate big-ring cigars, at least now you can't complain that they are impossible to cut.