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Lamborghini's Il Toro Lighter

Upon first seeing the new Il Toro cigar lighter from Tonino Lamborghini, the words luxury, sleek and sexy immediately sprang into this writer's mind.

Since 1981, when Tonino Lamborghini introduced a watch to the world, the brand's mission has been to create technological products that evoke passion, creativity and boldness. From the packaging to ignition, the Il Toro lighter upholds these values.

The lighter comes packaged in a black leather case. Faint lines impressed into the top of the leather create a silhouette of a bull, Lamborghini's legendary symbol.

The Il Toro lighter, simply put, looks superb. A lacquered bull that comes in black, red or yellow highlights polished silver on the front of the lighter. The lacquer and color extends to the back of the Il Toro, as well as the side and top, leaving the bottom and ignition switch silver.

The lighter's cap will not allow the torch flame to spark if it is closed. The cap opens easily with a flick of the thumb.

The ignition button is shaped to resemble the air vents found on a Lamborghini car and produces a distinct click when pressed. The ignition does require some firm pressure, but its action is smooth nonetheless.

The innovation of the Il Toro is seen in its patented, angled jet flame. This design feature makes it easier for the smoker to gently light the cigar and avoid torching the tobacco.

A red window on the side of the lighter allows you to view the fuel level. The Il Toro lighter sells for the suggested price of $175 and is in stores now.