La Aurora Puro Vintage Salomon Celebrates 111 Years

If you weren't the winning bidder of the La Aurora Puro Vintage 2006 wooden chest of cigars at the ProCigar charity auction this year in the Dominican Republic, then you probably haven't tried any of these specially-made smokes. The chest came loaded with 54 Puro Vintage 2006 cigars in three sizes: Preferido, Robusto and Salomon, and it ended up selling for a closing price of $3,500.

While the Robusto and Preferido were only made for the auction chest and its lucky bidder, La Aurora, the oldest premium cigar factory in the Dominican Republic, has decided to commercially release the Salomon, with shipments starting in April. It's a 6 1/2 inch by 60 ring gauge figurado that commemorates La Aurora's 111th year in business, and it contains tobacco all culled from a 2006 harvest.

The cigars come packaged in a period-piece replica of the original La Aurora boxes first designed in 1903. Each Salomon stands upright in the box, which opens from both the top and the front. Only 1,500 boxes of 18 cigars are scheduled for release.

Though pricing has yet to be established, Manuel Inoa of La Aurora told Cigar Insider that the blend consists of an Ecuador Havana wrapper, Brazilian binder and filler tobacco from Nicaragua, Brazil and the Dominican Republic. All the tobacco, according to Inoa, is from a 2006 harvest. Most of the Salomones are sitting in La Aurora's aging room and will not start shipping until April.

This is the fourth Puro Vintage cigar from La Aurora. The first was the Puro Vintage 2003, which was released in 2009. That cigar was followed by the Puro Vintage 2004 and the Puro Vintage 2005.