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Jaworski Lights Up For Super Bowl Charity

Ron Jaworski, the cigar-loving ESPN analyst and former Philadelphia Eagles quarterback known as Jaws, is hosting his annual Super Bowl party next Thursday night in New Orleans.

Jaws’ Superbowl Cigar Party is a smoke-friendly fundraiser. This year, the funds raised by the party will benefit Louisiana victims of Hurricane Isaac, which caused more than $2 billion in damage throughout the Caribbean and the United States last year. Louisiana was the area hit hardest by the storm.

The party also raises funds for the Jaws Youth Playbook, which aims to improve the lives of youth in Philadelphia.

Jaworski’s party features cigars, past and present NFL players, personalities from ESPN and various cigarmakers. Johnnie Walker Scotch is among the party sponsors, and this year cigars will be provided by Davidoff and Camacho, General Cigar and C.A.O., Rocky Patel Premium Cigars and SAG Imports. Several cigar executives are expected to attend, including Rocky Patel, Dylan Austin and Rick Rodriguez.

This will be the fourth year in a row Jaworski has lit it up for charity. In three years, the parties have raised more than $75,000 via silent auctions of sports memorabilia.

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