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Is There A Method To Fix A Canoeing Cigar?

Is There A Method To Fix A Canoeing Cigar?

Yes, but it's best to just let it straighten itself out. Cigars, even well-made ones, can burn unevenly at first. Just keep smoking, and nine out of 10 cigars will straighten out—usually very quickly. If the cigar keeps "canoeing," it's either poorly made, very young or both. In that case, the taste will probably be enough to drive you away.

If you do want to salvage your smoke, it's best to use a soft flame to gently touch up the foot of the cigar that isn't burning properly. Try to avoid singing too much of your cigar, though, or else you may introduced and unwanted char note to your cigar's flavor profile.

The best way to ensure your cigar will never burn unevenly is to light it properly from the start. (Check out How To Light A Cigar to learn how.) If you properly toast the foot completely, you should be able to avoid the hassle of a canoeing cigar.

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