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Iowa City Likely to Expand Smoking Ban

Lawmakers in Iowa City, Iowa, unanimously voted to expand the state's blanket smoking ban Tuesday night.

The new ordinance would ban smoking in some open park areas, city parking ramps and during special events, such as the University of Iowa homecoming parade. Lawmakers will have to vote on the law proposal twice more before it can officially become a law.

The new law would also include a $50 fine for smoking in these areas and a $300 fine for discarding cigarette butts or cigars.

Iowa City Police admit enforcing the proposed law could prove to be a problem, perhaps even an impossibility.

"I suppose if it (littering) happens in front of (an officer), it could be easily addressed, but that would take time away from other things," Sgt. Troy Kelsay told the Des Moines Register.

The state smoking ban called the Smokefree Air Act went into effect July 1 and bans smoking in most public indoor places.