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IM Corona Accord Lighter

Among the pantheon of cigar tools, the lighter is arguably the most important. Should your cutter fail, you could always use your nail or teeth and do a workable job, but if you find yourself without flame, you cannot smoke your cigar.

IM Corona lighters, which are imported and distributed by Savinelli Inc., have been made since 1933, and have been distributed and serviced by Savinelli since 1972. The Japanese-made lighters are extremely well built, and Savinelli is proud of telling stories of their durability, such as the outdoorsman who accidentally dropped one model into a campfire. The half-melted device continued to work.

The IM Corona Accord is a new model, launched in January. "Our purpose for bringing this lighter to the U.S. was to bring a high quality flint lighter around the $100 range," said Richard Savarino, national cigar manager of Savinelli.

The Accord is a midsize flint lighter, just over an inch wide and a little less than three inches long. The narrow design, slim lines on the side and black and chrome Art Deco look give it an appearance reminiscent of a 1930s skyscraper. It has a comforting heft when held in the hand, and the gleaming, ebony stripes and bold chrome give it an elegance that would be welcome at the most luxurious of venues.

The IM Corona Accord retails for $98 to $110, depending on the finish, and is widely available at fine smoke shops.