Iconic Macanudo Logo Gets New Modern Look

Iconic Macanudo Logo Gets New Modern Look
The original Macanudo logo (left) has been updated (right).

If the Macanudo logo looks slightly different in a few weeks, it isn't your imagination. Brand owner General Cigar has changed the design of Macanudo's iconic crest, giving it a more streamlined appearance. Starting January 15, all boxes of Macanudo cigars shipped to retailers and tobacconists will be emblazoned with the new logo. This includes the flagship Macanudo Café brand, as well as Macanudo Crü Royale, Macanudo 1968 and Macanudo Maduro.

The changes are subtle, but perceptible. While the general motif and color scheme are still the same, some of the detail has been simplified a bit, such as the regal drapery around the crest. Overall, the logo now resembles the letter "M" thanks to the straighter lines and new positioning of the design elements. Placement of the word "Macanudo" has also moved from atop the logo to beneath, and it's also rendered in larger, more prominent letters.

"The motivation for the new design was to make Macanudo more visually appealing on the shelf and more relevant to current and new generations of cigar smokers," said Alan Willner, General's vice president of marketing. "The box and the bands have now evolved with a more contemporary look."

The new design was first previewed in July at the 2015 IPCPR trade show where General had sample boxes on display. All subsequent materials associated with Macanudo, like signage and promotional products, will have the new logo.

In addition to packaging, the Macanudo Café bands are getting revamped as well. The once flat, matte shade of gold found on the bands will now have the eye-catching luster of gold foil.

Macanudo Café is the signature smoke of General Cigar's portfolio and continues to be the company's best-selling premium cigar. The brand has been sold in the United States by General since 1968 and has been commercially successful for its approachable, mild body.

"While the look has progressed, the blends have not changed," Willner added. "This is the same Macanudo blend that cigar lovers have enjoyed for almost 50 years."

This redesign represents the first change to the original Macanudo logo since General began selling it almost 50 years ago. Once made in Jamaica with Jamaican tobacco, Macanudos are produced in the Dominican Republic at the General Cigar Dominicana factory.

This article first appeared in the January 5, 2016 issue of Cigar Insider.


"The change in logo is a bit like transitioning from a stately leather-bound Encyclopaedia Britannica to using the blandness of Wikipedia. " —January 12, 2016 02:17 AM
"The new look will definitely stand out but the old logo gives one a more majestic feel of a high quality product." —January 9, 2016 20:53 PM