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Hunter's Prey

Like his Marine sniper hero, the Pulitzer Prize-winning critic and prolific novelist Stephen Hunter pursues his literary quarry with persistence and spot-on accuracy
| By Kenneth Shouler | From 30 Years Of Cigar Aficionado, November/ December 2022
Hunter's Prey
Photos/Noah Willman
His advice is simple: “make peace with the chair”—the chair your butt fits in every day. Stephen Hunter has used his ethic of dogged persistence to great success—both as the creator of Bob Lee Swagger, the deadly protagonist of going-on 13 suspense novels, and as the second honoree for movie criticism by the Pulitzer-Prize committee. “I was able to write a book every two years, while writing 400 or 500 pieces for whichever of the two newspapers I was working for at the time,” he says, looking every bit the cliché of an author in his home in tony Federal Hill, Maryland, wearing a rust-colored sport coat. “I don’t remember it as being a particular ordeal. I don’t …
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