Humidor Notes Cigar Journal

Ever walk into a tobacconist looking for a particular cigar that you recently smoked but couldn't remember the name? Maybe you can picture the band but the brand name eludes you, or vice versa?

Now there is a solution for a forgetful mind called Humidor Notes, a throwback paper-and-pen cigar journal that fits nicely in a breast pocket and will never run out of batteries nor require a software upgrade. In this age of mobile dependence, Humidor Notes is ideal for the cigar lover who enjoys tuning out the digital world as much as he likes to keep a record of his smoking adventures.

What stands out in the Humidor Notes is the included packet of Glue Dots that are used to attach and save cigar bands within its pages. This novel idea is a step up from other cigar journals in that one doesn't have to fumble with two-sided tape or a glue stick.

The journal's pages are made of stock heavier than normal copy paper, and its thicker cover is coated in a thin varnish so as to increase durability and even repel water. The inside of the cover features a space for the owner to write his contact information should he lose it, and also a space for "Great Cigar Quotes." The inside of the back cover offers not only a five-inch ruler, but a handy, accurate cigar ring gauge guide that ranges from 30 to 64 ring. Overall, the dimensions of the journal is 3 1/2 inches by 5 1/2 inches.

Each page is divided into categories that are vital to recall a cigar, such as "Brand", "Country", "Ring Gauge", "Length", including a spot to attach the cigar band. Additionally, there are categories the record keeper can use for finer details, such as "Date Purchased", "Price", "Aroma", "Burn", "Weather", and more.

Created by C. Arnulfo, Humidor Notes sells in packs of three for $12.95. For more information, visit