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Humidipak Solutions

While, on a global basis, the effect of climate change may still be the subject of debate, few cigar smokers will dispute the catastrophic effects that come with plummeting humidity in the microclimate of a humidor. The shock and horror of losing an entire cigar population drives home the point that humidor droughts are real.

Humidipak Inc., however, has a solution to that disaster well in hand, with its patented two-way humidity control packets, designed to dial in your preferred humidity level for months at a time without maintenance.

Now, the company, which had offered the system in plastic pouches or for use in third-party boxes, has crafted its own humidor (seen here). The moistening methodology comes in the form of saltwater solution packets that use reverse osmosis technology to emit purified moisture, while never exceeding a specified level, which avoids the attendant fluctuations of traditional humidity systems. Humidipak's latest product is a handsome humidor veneered in Brazilian mahogany designed especially for Bóveda packets, which can also be used in other desktop humidors. Four packets on the inner lid and two on the bottom create a homeostasis allowing for the ideal circulation of air and moisture for two months at a time. The humidor holds 150 cigars and retails for $577. Six packets calibrated at 69 percent are included. But because perfect relative humidity is, well, relative to the user, the Bóveda packets are also come in three other calibrations—65, 72 and 75 percent humidity—to suit a range of preferences. You can even get on a mailing program in which replacement packets are sent to you every two months.

Humidipak's concept first achieved fame with its simple yet industry-changing platform: perfect humidity in a portable bag. Known as the Humidipak Humidor Bag, the thick-ply pouches come in different sizes and maintain a microclimate of 69 percent humidity for your cigars anywhere you go. Unlike the box humidor, the bags will stay humidified for six months. They are powered by the same reverse osmosis packets, just on a smaller scale and without the range of humidity preferences. They retail for $4.99 to $15.99.