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Human Touch Massage Recliner

It's a been a day from hell and you need serious relief. Your muscles are tied up in sheepshanks, your eyeballs feel as if they need to be put on ice, and the idea of going through it all again tomorrow is about as comforting as your abscessed tooth. You pop an aspirin, wash it down with a gulp of Scotch, and settle into your leather recliner. Moments later, a pair of kneading hands are massaging away your aches and pains. Total relaxation soon takes over your bundle of bodily tension.

No, it's not a personal masseuse, but the Human Touch Massage Recliner from Sharper Image may be the next best thing. With the latest in robotic massage technology, the recliner features back, calf and foot massage options with results every bit as rewarding as regular trips to a massage parlor.

The key is the recliner's Human Touch Technology. Unlike rollers and vibrators common in some recliners, the massage mechanism in the Human Touch moves three-dimensionally along a curved track, providing the feel of hands and duplicating such massage techniques as rolling, kneading and percussion. The technology also allows the massager to reach more difficult areas in the upper and lower back. The calf and foot massager uses this technology as well. Pull a handle, rotate the flat footrest and lay your feet or calves in the massage wells. Fifteen minutes later, you'll feel like new.

The Human Touch (retail price $1,499) massage chair is activated by a wired controller, which allows the selection of various preprogrammed sessions. These sessions include back or calf and foot massages together or separately. The controller also gives you the power to swivel or recline the chair.

While massages are the recliner's primary function, the attractive leather upholstery and walnut armrests make for a classy, comfortable piece of furniture. So, even if you're not massaging, it's ideal for sitting and reading or watching baseball on the tube. Why would any self-respecting couch potato ever leave?

Now, if the Human Touch just served cold beer…

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