Hublot Classic

For today's man, following horological trends is similar to following the stock market. A keen eye must be fixed on the latest styles and fashions in order to keep up to date. Unfortunately, this puts the pressure on men to purchase a watch at the corner of every new fad. Considering the price tag on high-end watches these days, this is a costly route to travel, not to mention impractical.

Since its introduction in 1980, the Hublot Classic wristwatch from MGM Geneve has ignored fads and trends, and remained true to its original concept: an elegant and sporty timepiece that endures the ever changing tides of fashion. It's not a monster watch with proportions suitable for the vision impaired and it contains no superfluous amenities such as a celestial calendar, a barometer or a rescue transmitter. Rather, the Hublot Classic is just that: simple, aesthetic, timeless.

Don't mistake simple for unrefined, however. This watch is anything but. The Hublot Classic ($8,800) is 18-carat gold (it's also available in stainless steel—$2,663—and in a gold and steel mix—$3,874) and employs no less than 160 manual operations for precision timekeeping, plus the new option of a self-winding or Swiss quartz movement. The hours of the porthole-shaped watch are marked with 12 polished screws, which secure the bezel, and the clean face is available in white, blue or black.

Perhaps the most elegant feature of the Hublot Classic is the band and clasp. The band is black matte rubber, a Hublot trademark, one that it considers representative of corporate philosophy. Supple, light and comfortable, it conforms to the wrist and is perfumed with a subtle vanilla scent. It is also reinforced with steel inserts, giving it the durability that a standard leather band lacks.

The double-hinged clasp is easy to lock and unlock and is so innovative that you may decide to wear the latch on the outside of your wrist as the king of Spain does or the traditional way, with the watch face on the outside, as his counterpart in Sweden does. Either way, you,ll be showing off a watch that's suitable for a king and one you,ll be proud to wear with each new wave of fashion that comes crashing in.