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Heavy Putter C2T-DF Tour Model

Ben Hogan, that golf star among golf stars, is considered by many to be the best ball striker ever to play the game. But The Hawk was no fan of putting. "There is no similarity between golf and putting," he once said. "One is played in the air, and the other on the ground."

If Hogan can struggle with putting, anyone can. Roughly half of a golfer's strokes are taken on the green, so anything that can help you make fewer two- and three-putts is a sure way to lower your handicap. While most putter innovations traditionally have centered around better alignment tools, adding a new insert into the putter's face or lengthening the shaft so that you can steady the putter against your body, Boccieri Golf's line of Heavy Putters aims to stabilize your putting stroke, simply by being heavy.

Heavy Putters ($259) are almost twice as heavy as conventional putters. The C2T-DF Tour Model tips the scales just shy of two pounds, positively beefy for a golf club. The Sumo poundage is the key to the putter's performance—the weight forces a golfer to engage the larger muscles of the upper body (specifically the shoulders, chest and back) while keeping the wrists and hands quiet. That results in a more proper pendulum stroke and helps encourage a smooth, even tempo. Wristy putts tend to be unpredictable putts, and smooth, consistent motion is essential to putting your Titleist into the hole. Boccieri says its putter works best on fast greens.

Handcrafted from a forged billet of milled machining grade stainless steel, the putter has a black, textured face. While the C2T-DF Tour Model shares the same heavy structure as its predecessors, it is designed with a plumber's neck blade, giving it a more classic look than previous Heavy Putters, which have far wider heads.

A caddie may grouse at the extra weight he has to carry, but he'll ultimately smile if you win your course tournament.

Visit heavyputter.com.