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Happy Fourth of July

Happy Fourth of July

The Fourth of July always brings a smile to my face. It’s a time to fly the flag, gather with friends and family and take some time off to enjoy each other’s company and celebrate the independence of America. It’s a time I love.

Tonight, the day before the holiday, I’ll be firing up my smoker to barbecue some ribs for the family, cooking low and slow. It’s a somewhat long setup—filling the ring with charcoal, adding chunks of hardwood, starting the chimney, adding water to the pan, prepping the meat—and you can’t rush the process. Once the meat is on, it needs four solid hours for the hickory and apple chunks to work their smoky magic on the baby back ribs. Cooking time is an ideal time to sip a cool drink and smoke a cigar.

Tomorrow there will be friends and fireworks, and another cigar or two, all of the actions sparking memories of my youth when the summer days seemed endless. 

I hope your July 4 is a fine one. Take some time to relax. Push the phone far away and sit down for a long conversation with a friend or family member. Enjoy a great cigar or two and slow down for a bit. You deserve it.