Cigar Aficionado

Happy Fourth

The office is closing early, so I’m packing up some cigars and getting ready to head home. Tomorrow is one of my favorite holidays, Independence Day, and I plan on celebrating in smoky style.

It’s a day for family and for cookouts. My wife and boy will be joining a group of great friends near the ocean for a lazy day of grilling steaks, sipping cold beers and firing up hearty cigars while we watch the fireworks. This year the fireworks will be done by professionals, but I remember when I was a kid July 4 was all about the homemade fireworks show. We would gather in front of someone's house and stay up much, much later than usual. The adults would be drinking beers, we would be sipping sodas, and when it got dark enough someone would give up an empty beer bottle to serve as a makeshift firing pad for bottle rockets. It was a great way to spend a holiday.

I have a few fine smokes for tomorrow, starting with the new La Gloria Cubana Artesanos de Miami, which is just about to reach cigar shops. It’s a heartier, richer La Gloria from Ernesto Perez-Carrillo, and I’m looking forward to smoking one with my buddies.

I’m also bringing along a few Don Carlos Aniversarios, the ones Gordon Mott blogged about not so long ago. Hey, if Gordon likes them that much, how can I go wrong?

I’m sure I’ll have some other things this weekend, too.

So wherever you are, have a great fourth of July, enjoy the time with your loved ones and fire up something special to celebrate Independence Day.

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