Hammer + Sickle Maker to Launch Peat-Fired Cigar in October

Hammer + Sickle Maker to Launch Peat-Fired Cigar in October

Klin Tobacco LLC, known for its Hammer + Sickle series of cigars, has turned its eye towards the green hills of Scotland for a new innovation in cigar making. In early October, the company will release The Caleanoch 25, which it calls the world's first peat-fired cigar. The cigar is special in that it utilizes peat (compacted earth and organic matter that lends its distinct aroma and character to many Scotch whiskies) as part of its fire-curing process.

Traditionally, fire-cured tobacco is hung in large barns over smoldering fires of varying woods for a time ranging between three days to 10 weeks. Brand owner Eric Hanson, though, chose peat imported from Scotland to fuel his curing fires. The result, Hanson says, is tobacco that carries the unique earthy flavor found in peaty Scotches.

The Caleanoch 25 features an Ecuadoran Connecticut wrapper, a Corojo binder from the Dominican Republic and filler tobaccos from the Dominican Republic. The filler blend is where the peaty tobacco can be found, composed of 25 percent peat-fired Corojo and 75 percent Corojo dried in the more traditional air-cured method.

"The Caleanoch 25 is 25 percent peat-strength." Hanson told Cigar Aficionado. "We will start shipping in October. In 2016, we will release The Caleanoch 50 and The Caleanoch 75, at 50 percent and 75 percent peat-strength, respectfully."

The cigar will ship in one size, a 6 inch by 50 ring gauge smoke that retails for $12.50. The Caleanoch 25 comes packaged in cans of 12.

"We only have plans for a 6 by 50 in each peat-strength level," Hanson confirmed.

The cigars are rolled in the Dominican Republic.

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