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Gyration Ultra Cordless Optical Mouse

A wireless mouse cuts the tether from hand to the computer, but is still anchored to the desktop mouse pad. The Ultra Cordless Optical Mouse from Gyration takes the revolution one step further, letting the user roam the room and point and click in midair.

Built with Gyration's patented gyroscope technology (called GyroPoint) and RF technologies, the Ultra mouse can be used on and off the desktop. With a radio range of 25 feet, it's perfect for everything from business presentations to class lectures to surfing the Net from across the room.

The drawback of making PowerPoint presentations to large audiences has been that the speaker must stand next to the computer or have a tech assistant who anticipates his next move. With the Ultra mouse, you wave the mouse in the air to move the cursor, while pushing and holding a button underneath. This sends a radio signal that puts the cursor in motion. Another button on top of the mouse allows you to double-click on sites or station your cursor in a specific place.

Even used as a substitute for the traditional flat, corded mouse rolling across a pad, the Ultra's ergonomic design makes it fun, simple and painless to use. Then it works just like your present mouse, but sits higher on the desktop, so the wrist and arm are at a more comfortable, natural angle. Computer users who suffer from carpal-tunnel syndrome should find it a godsend.

Setup is easy. Charge the mouse for nine hours and follow the detailed but simple instructions to plug in the remote source. When holding the mouse in the air, the tendency is to clutch it stiffly and move your arm from side to side to move the cursor. Relaxing your arm and using the wrist for motion makes the mouse quite efficient, comfortable and easy to handle. You may never be content to use a regular mouse again.

At the suggested retail price of $79.95, the Ultra mouse isn't a bank buster. And for not much more, Gyration also offers a wireless keyboard packaged with the Ultra mouse at a total cost of $99.95.

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